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LCD TVs - How To Choose The Right One For You

by: Henry Tate Platinum

If youíre interested in buying an LCD TV, then you probably already know that they can be very expensive. As such, it makes sense to get the best LCD TV for your room, and with the features that you want.

But it can be difficult finding the best LCD TV. Thereís lots of different companies, all with good models with their own pros and cons. So how can you find the best TV for you?

This is what Iím going to help you with today. So letís get started.

If youíve got the internet (and letís face it, how are you reading this if you donít?) then this is one of the best places to start your search. Thereís plenty of comparison sites out there which can help you weigh up the pros and cons quicker.

But before you decide on what kind of TV you want, itís a good idea to check in your local TV store and get an idea of what the LCD TVís look like. Itís hard to get an idea between a 32Ē and a 37Ē TV without seeing one in real life.

Now the features you need for your LCD TV will vary, but something you will definitely want is something that is HD ready. This stands for high definition, and everything will be broadcast in HD eventually, so it makes sense to get ready for it now.

Some other features to take into consideration are the viewing angle, and the contrast. The contrast especially has a big impact on the picture quality of your TV. This is another reason why it makes sense to see a few TVís in the flesh first, to get an idea of what contrast rating looks good enough to you. Obviously the more you spend the better the TV in most cases. But by seeing a few TVís in the flesh, you can make a better informed compromise between cost and quality.

Finally, once youíve decided upon an LCD TV that looks good to you, see if you can find some reviews for it online. Now you canít always trust everyoneís opinion, especially if they have a grudge against a particular company. But if all you can find is bad reviews, then maybe itís worth staying away from that particular TV. When reading a review, try to find specific pros and cons for the TV rather than jus someone saying whether they like it or not.

I hope these few tips will help you to find the best LCD TV for you. Thereís plenty of choice out there, and it can get confusing. But if you stick to these tips you canít go far wrong.

About the author
Henry Tate is owner of the TV Buyers Guide, where you can find reviews, advice and information on everything related to LCD TV's, including Samsung LCD TV's. For more help in finding the right LCD TV for you, be sure to visit his site right now. Article Source:


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