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Interested in Blu-Ray DVD? Take a Look at The Blue-Ray HD Player Models

by: Jill Kane Platinum - Quality Author

The new generation Blu-Ray DVD employs a blue light laser to illuminate the pits found in the DVD disc. It results in huge information storage in the same space, as blue light has a shorter wavelength and hence the pits can be spaced closer together. The HDTV - Blu-Ray HD players are designed to play such tightly packaged DVDs.

The summer of 2006 saw the market flooded with an amazing range of players from big players like Panasonic, Samsung and Pioneer. The initial cost of these players is around $1000 to $1800, but it surely will dip with competition. These players are compatible with the 1080p resolution HDTV sets which were launched at the same time.

The technical specifications of the player: 720, 1080 or 1920 x 1080 represent the number of horizontal lines of pixels, with the larger number corresponding to resolution. The printed letter 'p' or 'i' indicates progressive and interlaced, respectively. These specifications determine the quality of projected images.

The latest Blu-Ray players are designed for a 1080p signal output via the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) jack. Although the current TV sets convert the 1080i resolution of HD-DVD models, the future holds promise for the 1080p native resolution HDTV sets very soon. There are various models and their most prominent features drives market interest.

The Samsung BD-P1000 model costs $1000 (twice the cost of Toshiba's HD-DVD player). This player is a slim, high quality unit from one of the leaders in the best DLP TVs manufacturers of HDTV. Although many HDTV sets come with a built-in memory card slot, this player has a 9-in-2 Multi Memory Card slot which enables digital photos to be displayed on the TV set. Samsung also promises to add an alarm utility in the player, which would alert the viewer to an upcoming show or event. This model is only a player and does not support recording as of now.

The Pioneer BDP-HD1 player offers some features like Home Media Gallery software that allows viewers to display digital photos, listen to music or watch movies all stored on the home computer, not found on the Samsung. The Pioneer manufacturers are known for their excellent quality consumer electronics goods like CD changer and reliable HDTV models. Hence the player looks promising but costs around $1,800 initially.

The Panasonic DMP-BD10 was launched in September 2006, along with the company’s plasma-type 1080p HDTV. The initial market price is around $1,500. Panasonic is rated to be the most favorite in the field owing to the report of their excellent quality DVD player and HDTV sets. The unit has been launched along with the company's proprietary EZ-Sync HDAVI feature, which enables viewers to connect and control multiple HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) units with a single remote.

Sony is due to facilitate the HD player compatibility with its Playstation 3 model in November 2006. This model would cost around $600 and should be able play Blu-Ray discs along with downloading and playing games.

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Interested in Blu-Ray DVD? Take a Look at The Blue-Ray HD Player Models

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