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Blu-ray DVD format wins the war!
It appears Toshiba will no longer continue development of HD-DVD players. What does this mean to you?

Interested in Blu-Ray DVD? Take a Look at The Blue-Ray HD Player Models
The new generation Blu-Ray DVD employs a blue light laser to illuminate the pits found in the DVD disc. It results in huge information storage in the same space, as blue light has a shorter wavelength and hence the pits can be spaced closer together. The HDTV - Blu-Ray HD players are designed to play such tightly packaged DVDs.

Audio Choices for HDTV
HDTV essentially provides a far superior sound quality just because the audio of HDTV is transmitted through digital signals. The distinction in sound between an HDTV television and a regular analogue television is rather perceptible.

Choosing Your HDTV Television
To take full advantage of the great number of HDTV stations you can get with your satellite system, you will want a television with a breathtaking picture and mind blowing sound. When shopping for a television today, you have many more options than just a few years ago.

Confused about the difference between EDTV and HDTV?
Confused by EDTV vs HDTV? We don't blame you. The number of acronyms floating about with regard to digital TV is frightening. What's even more worrying is that very often they are used by people who have little or no knowledge about what they mean.

Essential Guide to Choosing the Right HDTV Antenna
Aside from choosing your HDTV set itself, choosing the right HDTV antenna is the most important decision you're going to make in relation to watching HDTV.

No Such Thing As an HDTV Antenna
Over-the-air (OTA) HDTV becomes more and more popular. For someone who is used to noisy analogue TV pictures, it is hard to believe how amazing a quality of HDTV broadcasts can be.

HDTV: Like Looking Out An Open Window
Have you ever watched a movie on a regular TV set, and then watched the same movie on an HDTV? If so, you would have noticed a huge difference! On the HDTV viewing, you see and notice things you've never seen before, even if you've seen the same movie several times!

High Definition DVD: A Primer
High definition DVD, also known as HD-DVD (which actually stands for High Density DVD), is one of two competing high definition storage formats - the other being Blu-ray.

High Definition When?
High definition will inevitably become a widespread if not universal television broadcast format. However, its not yet clear when that will happen. So its also not yet clear when high definition camcorders will be routinely required for acquisition for non-fiction programmes.

HDTV The High Resolution Television
The expansion of hdtv is High-definition television. The hdtv means television signals broadcast with a higher resolution than traditional formats like NTSC, SCAM, PAL. The hdtv is broadcasted digitally, except for early analogue formats in Europe and Japan.

Over The Air HDTV With An Indoor HDTV Antenna
Dozens of millions of TV sets in the US receive local channels via off-air broadcasts. And this number is growing as more and more networks offer free of charge HDTV broadcasts over the air.

HDTV? You Ain't Seen NOTHING Yet!!!
Remember the Osborn? Or was it the Osborne? Actually, I knew it existed, but didnt care. This thing was a personal computer. Like wed ever need one of those? Those new electric typewriters with memory were the rage.

HDTV is What Technology is All About
If you have not yet watched TV on an HDTV you do not know what you are missing. When they promote high definition they arent kidding. When my daughter was born I knew Id be spending a lot of time at home so I invested in an HDTV and two years later I still think it was an excellent purchase.

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