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Save Time and Money Shopping for Christmas Electronic Items Online
It happens every year. Before you know it, the holidays are here, and your gift list has some gaping holes in it. If you can't face the High Street shops or suburban malls this holiday season, join the 21st century and do your Christmas electronics shopping online.

Digital TV: What The Analogue TV Switch Off Means To You
Digital TV replaces analogue TV in the next few years. By 2012 most countries in the world will have made the full transition to digital TV services and switched off their analogue TV broadcasts.

Digital Technologies and Multimedia
Until the creation of Digital TV, television has not had any significant advancement in technology. Today Digital TV is becoming more and more popular in Australia as well as in other developed countries.

Digital Video Recorder: What Is A PVR Or A DVR?
If you don't want to change your VCR at this time you will still be able to record digital TV from the analogue AV output of your digital receiver but you won't be able to take advantage of all the new features on offer.

What Television Shoppers Need to Know
With all the changes in technology and program content, buying a tv set is not as simple as it once was. While it is easy to be tempted to buy the one that looks prettiest in the advertisement or on the showroom floor, it's not always the best fit for your circumstances.

Television on Your Schedule with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
The introduction of the VCR changed so much for the television viewer. Before the introduction of the VCR, you had to watch the show when it was broadcast by the network Ė that was your only option.

The Basic Components Of A Digital Television Station
Most people have a television set these days, but very few actually understand the process by which their favourite programmes are transmitted. Of course, you donít have to know how to enjoy it, but it may help you appreciate the amount of effort that goes in to a transmission.

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