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Digital TV, including LCD TV and Plasma TV, guides on many subjects including: Satellite; Antennas, Australian market, Repairs, Comparisons, Indoor Antennas, Set Top Boxes, Channels, Tuners, Receivers, Free To Air channels, Connections, Reception, Recording, Sales, Coverage, HTPC (home theatre PC), tuner cards, High Definition, and much, much more.

Digital Television is fast replacing the the system we have had for many years. Digital TV provides a greatly improved picture quality, as well as surround sound (when transmitted and with a compatible Home Theatre System).

In Australia, we use the DVB-T standard for digital tv, as opposed to America which uses the ATSC standard. DVT-B is European-designed, and is proving to be a better standard which is used in many countries around the globe.

Aside from the fact that the digital picture and sound are much better than our old PAL system, DTV offers many other features, such as:

  • No ghosting on the picture
  • Theatre-like widescreen (16:9 screen ratio, as opposed to 4:3)
  • Standard and high definition pictures
  • Surround sound (Dolby, AC3 etc)
  • Cations for hearing impaired viewers
  • Built-in program guides, referred to as "EPGs"
  • Multi-angle camera views
  • ABC & SBS have two channels (ABC, ABC2, SBS & SBS2)

The current method of delivering FTA (free-to-air) television in Australia is supposed to be phased out by 2008, however it is likely this will be extended. But don't worry - even if you don't upgrade your television, you can still watch the new delivery method (digital) on your old tv (doesn't have to be an LCD TV or Plasma TV) set with the addition of an inexpensive set-top box (as of February 2006, you can by an SD set-top box for under $60.00 if you shop around).

This is personal opinion, but I have noticed a marked increase in quality with the addition of a set-top box to a non-digital television - plus you get the use of an EPG, and the benefits of no ghosting, improved sound, extra channels etc etc. However, you will not be able to experience the 16:9 (widescreen) picture delivered by DTV, unless you have a modern, widescreen television. 16:9 is a more natural way of viewing television - our field of vision is more rectangular than the old 4:3 aspect ratio. And yes, it IS true, you WILL see more of the picture in widescreen!

As with new digital home theatre systems, your digital television will benefit from good quality cables and connectors. Sure the $5 bargain basement video lead will work, however a good system can be easily let down by a junky cable or connector.

Digital TV, as mention above, can deliver fantastic surround sound to your home (as long as you have a home theatre system of course). The audio transmitted with your digital television signal can be delivered in MPEG digital stereo sound, and/or Dolby Digital Sound (2, 4 or 5 channels depending on the program and station). Usually, because of the size of the new LCD TV and Plasma TV sets, the speakers are not worthy of the sound output.

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